Who can buy from JK Enterprise Solutions?
If you are a business buying in truckload, pallets or even case quantities and can purchase a minimum of $1,000 order, you can buy from JK Enterprise Solutions. Our loyal customers include independent retailers, Supermarkets, National Chain Stores, Discount stores and other wholesalers. 

Why should I buy from JK Enterprise Solutions?

  • Lowest price in the region
  • Top-Selling Consumable Items
  • Excellent Fill Rates
  • Fast Delivery
  • Easy Ordering
  • Outstanding Customer Service

How can I view prices?
First, you will need to register your email address on the website.
JK Enterprise Solutions respects your privacy and will not offer your contact information to unaffiliated companies.

How much does shipping cost?
We work with many different freight carriers to find you the best shipping rates. Freight rates are based on the weight and dimensions of your order.

Does the list price includes shipping charges?

No, the listed price is FOB from our warehouse. It does not include shipping cost to customer's facility.

Can you help find a trucking company to deliver for me?

Yes, if you do not have your own trucking company, our office will help you find one.

What should I do if I receive the merchandise broken or damaged?

All shipments are inspected for damage before during and after loading. However accidents happen during shipping. Therefore at the time of receiving you should make a claim through the shipping company. Make sure the driver makes a note on the bill of lading before he leaves.

Can we place an order and have it shipped?

Yes, we can prepare the order and give it to the trucker of your choice.

How does the trucker charge for freight?

All the freight charges are based on the weight and volume of the order and different trucking companies have different rates by weight. Over the years, we have developed good relations with trucking companies to help our customers get the most beneficial quote. You can arrange for your shipping if you desire to do so. We do not guarantee any trucking or shipping company. We assist as a courtesy to our customers.

How long does it take to process the order?

Order placed for pick up will take two business days to be ready.

We have a $2,000 minimum for orders that are shipped out. Please update your cart accordingly.